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New Parking Meters Due in West Loop in 2020

New parking rules introduced to Chicago on January 2 have been met with very mixed feelings from West Loop residents.

Not only have parking meter rates in the area just jumped from $2 to more than $4.50 per hour with the dawn of the New Year, but also, metered parking is now planned for yet more of the Loop’s commercial corridors.

These fresh developments are being brought to bear soon after a city ordinance that was constructed around a 2016 West Central Association survey. This piece of research determined that some 84% of West Loop parking was either free or unrestricted, presenting a significant problem for the area’s businesses. The report outcomes noted that ‘day-trippers’ were also being forced to park in prime customer parking spots for long periods.

On June 28, 2017, a community meeting was convened to discuss proposals for residential parking permits.

Now, more than two years down the line here’s the result:

Parts of Randolph Street will find themselves with nice new parking meters, while other streets will become designated Residential Permit Parking Zones.

Striping for areas of Randolph Street metered parking will conclude this month, weather permitting, while Halsted and Morgan area streets, as well as those in Washington and Wayman areas, will see the arrival of nice shiny parking meters.

The second phase of installation is expected to begin by early February.

According to a press release from the city of Chicago, meters will run from 8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Sunday, while residential permit parking hours will be in effect between the hours of 7 a.m and 9 a.m.

The rules have been met by widespread controversy. Speaking to NBC Chicago, Kristin Martin, owner of Smitten Boutique on Madison Street, felt positive, reporting that her business had experienced greater turnover since parking meters were installed outside her store.

She said: “The meters… help people come and go, just do what they need to do and get out.”

Another ‘parking-metered’ area resident–again in West Loop–disagreed. Erik Anderson said: “It’s just another expense, one I didn’t have to pay before.”

It could also be seen as bad news for those seeking out the great private dining spaces Chicago has to offer. 

Businesses such as Fry the Coop, which has a restaurant within the Loop, could well struggle to attract custom.

Regardless, the West Central Association’s board hopes the changes will serve to alleviate drivers’ stress levels.

Armando Chacon, the Association’s president, said: “What we’re trying to do is try to accommodate parking for everyone, and that’s a very challenging thing when you start from a point where there isn’t enough parking for everybody.

“The changes to parking policy in the West Loop are driven by the mixed-use and evolving nature of the neighborhood. As such, parking policy should be fluid and subject to change when necessary.

“We would like to thank the greater West Loop community for your feedback and engagement on this matter.”

Executive Director Rod Burch backed the new plans, saying:

“Parking is the number one concern of businesses in our community. Adding meters will provide greater turnover, curb management and availability for those looking to visit our world-class business districts.

“We look forward to working with the city of Chicago to bring more parking management strategies, including performance pricing, in the future.”

Curious about the areas affected? Here’s the latest parking lowdown:

New Residential Permit Parking Areas

  • Eastside of Elizabeth Street
  • East and West side of Laflin Street
  • East and West Side of Loomis Street
  • Westside of Throop Street
  • Westside of Racine Avenue
  • Eastside of Aberdeen Street
  • Eastside of Morgan Street
  • East and West side of Sangamon Street
  • Westside of Green Street
  • North and Southside of Monroe Street
  • Northside of Tilden Street
  • Westside of May Street.

Meter Installations

– North Side of Washington Boulevard

– Both sides of Washington Boulevard

– Both sides of Randolph

– Both sides of Lake Street

– Both sides of Fulton Market

– Both sides of Wayman Street

– Both sides of Carroll Avenue

– Both sides of Carroll Avenue

– Both sides of Green Street

– West side of Green Street

– Both sides of Green Street

– Both sides of Peoria Street

– Both sides of Sangamon Street

– Both sides of Morgan Street

– Both sides of Carpenter Street

– Both sides of Aberdeen Street

– Both sides of Aberdeen Street

– Both sides of May Street

– Both sides of Racine Avenue

– East side of Racine Avenue

– West side of Racine Avenue

– Both sides of Elizabeth Street

– Both sides of Throop Street

– Both sides of Ada Street

– Both sides of Laflin Street

– West side of Halsted Street

– Both sides of Grand Avenue

– East side of Milwaukee Avenue

– North side of Washington Boulevard.


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