Chicago’s Best Creative Agencies in 2020

Employees during a meeting at workChicago Creative agencies are businesses that help organizations bring their brands to life. The services provided by these companies can vary, but they may include market research, product development, branding, advertising, campaign building and public affairs.

Over the last couple of decades, Chicago creative agencies have seen a massive shift in the way their services are delivered; from voice, to paper, to analog and finally, the digital channels that we all use today.

As a whole, the creative industry is worth $698 billion, and accounts for 4.32% of U.S. goods and services.

Contributing towards a large portion of the U.S economy, new Chicago creative agencies launch every year, and others begin finding their way to fame. This can make finding the right creative agency for your organization or brand extremely difficult.

Despite our beloved Chicago being one of the top service cities in the nation, finding a creative agency in Chicago may yield few results, and it may be difficult to find the ones that cater to your specific needs. Even if you do find what you’re looking for, the process can take a long time, using up precious resources you could be using on another task within your organization.

This is why we’re here to help. We have come up with the top local Chicago creative agencies.

With many different creative entities to choose from, all of which specialize in different areas within the niche, there’s guaranteed to be something here for everyone’s needs.


Digital Authority Partners

The website homepage of Digital Authority Partners

Address: 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #1212, Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: (312) 600-5433

Founded: 2015

CEO: Codrin Arsene

Top Clients: Athenahealth, Omron, Dolbi, Fortinet, Kroger, Informatica, Frommer’s.

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Expertise: Branding & SEO, Digital Strategy, UX/Design, Analytics, and software development.

Digital Authority Partners is a creative agency that focuses on helping brands to transform their digital initiatives and increase brand awareness in the digital world we live in.

Named Chicago’s 2018 ‘Best Tech Workplace For Diversity’, this Chicago creative agency is known for their team of specialists that can help your brand in a number of different areas, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), UX/design, product development, marketing, and analytics. To put it simply, this creative agency uses technology to its full advantage in order to create new processes, software and systems that solve day-to-day problems companies face.

Digital Authority Partners also offers coaching services, where they teach businesses how to implement software and processes that will slash operational costs and boost ROI. Their main industries are healthcare, financial technologies, and government agencies.

In 2018, Digital Authority Partners launched Healthcare Weekly, a news website dedicated to executives in the private and public sectors who aspire to revolutionize healthcare from within.  They’ve also launched their own Artificial Intelligence software for the HR industry under the HireSphere brand.

Visit Digital Authority Partners’ website


Punchkick Interactive

The website homepage for Punchkick Interactive

Address: 150 N Michigan Avenue Floor 39, Chicago, IL 60601

Phone: 800 549-4104

Founded: 2006

CEO: Zak Dabbas

Top Clients: Harley-Davidson, Allstate, Microsoft, Marriott.

Expertise:  Mobile creative, and app development

The Punchkick Interactive team works with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them understand their brands, and connect companies with their audience by blending creative design thinking with cutting-edge technology.

Their team of specialists work closely with your business to assess what would work best for your brand and your potential customers going forwards.

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Punchkick Interactive provides a number of different services, from mobile strategy and app development to API engineering and quality assurance, based on your business goals and KPIs for 2020 and beyond.

Visit Punchkick Interactive’s website


88 Brand Partners

The website homepage of 88 Brand Partners

Address: 542 Dearborn Suite 1300, Chicago, IL 60605

Phone: (312) 664 2500

Founded: 1998

CEO: Michael McGuire

Top Clients: Discover, W Hotels, Mayo Clinic.

Expertise: Advertising, branding, and broadcast video services.

Awarded the Davey Awards in 2016, 88 Brand Partners is a creative agency that focuses on deriving their strength from big ideas rather than big budgets. Working with companies of all sizes, they will provide a full creative service that elevates and expands your brand in the digital space.

Within their role, their team of specialists will integrate strategy, planning, copy and design to create a form of communication that cultivates a more meaningful—and personalized—connection between brands and their audiences.

In addition to their paid services, where they will closely work with clients to achieve their creative digital success, 88 Brand Partners is also committed to helping the local community with their Pro Bono program. This means that one business will have the unique opportunity to receive their specialist support completely free of charge, making it perfect for small or emerging start-up companies.

Visit 88 Brand Partners’ website 


The website homepage of Nerdery

Address: 1033 w. Van Buren St. Suite 700, Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: 877 644 6373

Founded: 2003

CEO: Adrian Slobin

Top Clients: Google, Microsoft, Purina, HyVee

Expertise: Digital products, personalized strategies, website design, and mobile and web app development.

The Nerdery is a creative consultancy firm that helps businesses to understand their brand. Using this information, the specialists behind the brand will propel the brand towards their digital future by evolving their strategy, design and current technology.

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Their creative methods will help your business thrive, leaving behind the design and other creative perks that were preventing your growth.

In addition to this, The Nerdery offers businesses the unique opportunity to ask questions about all things digital. With a quick-to-answer team of specialists, businesses will receive the advice they need about their digital technology quickly and efficiently.

The company mainly focuses, however, on developing personalized strategies. They also use their creativity to design websites and develop both mobile and web apps that can be used to support or further a business’ brand awareness.

Visit Nerdery’s website


Damen Jackson

The website homepage of Damen JacksonAddress:  954 W. Washington Blvd. #750, Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: (312) 277 0702 ext. 123

Founded: 1998

CEO: Ron Farnum

Top Clients: KitchenAid, Foodsaver, Disney, ChapStick

Expertise: Packaging design, branding, and communication strategies.

Damen Jackson, a small agency who received the Transformation Award in 2017 to commemorate their successful and innovative work with major brands, are a strategy and design based agency.

Working mostly with midmarket companies, Damen Jackson will commit all of its 8 employees to providing your brand with memorable branding, packaging and visual design.

Depending upon the goals established at the start of your working relationship, they will also invest in advertising services to provide your business with comprehensive brand awareness in the online world.

Visit Damen Jackson’s website


Digital Kitchen

The website homepage of Digital KitchenAddress:  600 West Fulton. Suite 401, Chicago, IL 60661

Phone: (312) 944 3999

Founded: 1995

CEO: Bill Fritsch

Top Clients: HBO, HT&T, Target, Levi Strauss

Expertise: Web design, video production, branding, and content marketing.

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Digital Kitchen is a creative agency in Chicago that focuses on the creative experience. They transform businesses by expanding linear stories into immersive narratives, turning emerging bands into category leaders, and crafting executives that define genres.

Focusing specifically in the entertainment, IT, and consumer products and service sector, their team can work with you to establish your goals and where the creative vision of your brand should be headed. Once decided, you will be allocated a team of specialists who can help you with web design, video production, branding, or content marketing, or a mix of all four.

Visit Digital Kitchen’s website

Rise Interactive

The website homepage of Rise Interactive

Address: One South Wacker Drive, Third Floor Chicago, IL, 60606

Phone: (312) 281 9933

Founded: 2004

CEO: Jon Morris

Top Clients: Pandora, Ulta Beauty, North Shore University Health System

Expertise: Analytics, digital media, and data driven creative development.

Rise Interactive is a creative agency that uses digital media, creative development, and analytics to help marketers make better investment decisions. The company itself aims to reduce initial costs and maximize ROI’s for great investment opportunities that help marketers become frontrunners within their niche.

The company also works with individuals to help them better understand their analytics, and provide creative and digital media solutions across the board.

Visit Rise Interactive’s website

Coates Group

The website homepage of Coates Group

Address: 112 N May Street, Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: (312) 374 1365

Founded: 2003

CEO: Leo Coates

Top Clients: KFC, Carl’s Jr., McDonalds, BP, Krispy Kreme

Expertise: Innovative digital hardware and content management software.

Coates Group is a creative agency that provides innovative digital merchandising solutions that make your brand visible with hardware and gaming-changing content management software at their heart.

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With more than 50 years of experience, Coates Group specialists will perform rigorous research and use their courage to take risks that help you to create and execute an engaging, personalized experience for every customer within your business.

Sticking almost exclusively to the hospitality trade, their agency is perfect for those looking to transform their food kiosks, display boards for menus and outdoor signages in a way that provides a personalized customer experience for your business.

Visit Coates Group’s website

Finn Partners

The website homepage of Finn Partners

Address: 625 N Michigan Ave #2300, Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: +1 212 593 6428

Founded: 2011

CEO: Peter Finn

Top Clients: Nike, Verizon, The North Face and World Wildlife Fund

Expertise: Public relations management, digital content creation.

Finn Partners is a digital marketing agency with integrated, dedicated teams that pay special attention to the creative aspects of a business that drive real results. Each team consists of researchers, strategies, designers, technologists, content specialists and campaigners, meaning your business will receive the full MOT treatment.

Working closely alongside your business executives, the Finn Partners team you are paired with will work to identify your businesses goals and assess how to go about creating a campaign that works for everyone.

Having worked with hundreds of companies, they have created campaigns that range from public relations management to digital content creation, meaning they will be able to help you regardless of what your goals are.  

Visit Finn Partners’ website


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