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Finding the perfect gifts for the women in your life can come with some challenges, but is not an impossible mission. The real challenge is choosing the ideal item that is both thoughtful and practical. Birthdays are a time of special celebrations and of course you want to surprise your beloved one with a unique present that will put a big smile on her face.

And if your intention is to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember, you should consider a personalized romantic gift. Creative Explosion Gift Box can create a magical moment on any occasion and melt anyone’s heart. We included this item on our handpicked list of best Valentine’s Day gifts for her, which will inspire you in finding the perfect surprise.

Valentine’s Day is a unique way to celebrate all kinds of love – romantic love, love for your friends or family and even love for yourself. It’s a great chance to look around in your life at all the people who care for you and show them your full appreciation for everything that they have done for you so far. You might immediately think about your grandmother who always stood up for you when you needed it most or your kind younger sister, who just graduated and needs your support more than ever.

Whatever your reasons, the Creative Explosion Gift Box will create an impressive reaction that your beloved one will never forget. It can be a perfect idea if you are a creative person and you want to use your do-it-yourself skills in expressing your love and gratitude.

Creative Explosion Gift Box is made from high quality black paper, light and practical for you to customize according to your preferences. When closed, the box looks exactly like a regular present box. As your loved one tries to open it, the box pops open and “explodes,” the sides falling back to reveal a large multi layered card that shows all the love you have put into creating it.

The box is beautifully designed and decorated so that you can save some of the most memorable photos and words between you two. It can be an excellent surprise for your lover, parent or your friend that will allow them to feel your heart and thoughts through your warm fingertip.

The wide variety of accessories is definitely going to put your creativity to test, adding a personal touch to your special gift. They include stickers, heart shapes and funny cards – all supporting you in creating the best DIY project.

And any gift that you make with your own hands is one of a kind, which gives it a special meaning. You are infusing each part of the card with the love that you carry for your lucky receiver, resulting in an unforgettable memory. Your loved one will understand the significance of your intentions and will appreciate your efforts even more.

Measuring 6” x 6” x 6” when closed and 17” x 17” when opened, the Creative Explosion Gift Box is the perfect size. Inside it you can find a small gift box with dimensions of 2.5” x 2.5” x 2.5”, where you can place a ring, necklace, bracelet, watch or any other item that will surprise your loved one. You might have a keepsake that is worth storing – the internal box is ideal for safely storing your cherished item for many years to come.

The rest of the pages include heart shaped blank spaces, for you to customize them how you wish and different styles of pouches, where you can carefully store photographs with valuable memories. The multiple slots dedicated to pictures are a great way to look back in time and reflect. Conserve all the precious moments like your first picture together, a family dinner or a late fun party you both enjoyed so much.

You will soon find yourself opening the box and reminiscing about that lovely moment of Valentine’s Day when you saw the happy smile and the heartfelt compliments you received from your precious partner or friend. So arm yourself with patience and start decorating this unique gift – we are sure your loved one will simply adore it.

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