Smiley Handmade Preserved Flower Rose Product Review

This product is no longer available. You can find a similar product here.

Whether you are looking for the best gifts to celebrate a specific occasion or something special to show your loved one how much you care, surprising her can be an exciting, yet challenging task. Despite the effort, it feels good to make someone else happy with a thoughtful intention, especially when that someone is one of the most wonderful women in your life, like your loving wife, your caring grandmother or a younger sister.

You might feel particularly stumped on how to approach Valentine’s Day this year, but you can rest easy knowing that we have put together a carefully selected list where you can find the best Valentine’s Day offers. With so many available items to choose from, we hope you will find the necessary inspiration in creating the perfect surprise for your loved one.

Flower roses is a present that your lady would appreciate and keep for years to come. Carefully crafted with fresh-keeping technology, it will warm anyone’s heart.

Valentine’s Day is a reminder that we are surrounded by so many people that we care about and who deserve our fondest feelings and devotion. Its core concept is the pure sentiment of love and we believe that no matter who you choose to be your valentine this year, a Handmade Preserved Flower is an excellent way to remind your dear one how glad you are to have her in your life.

Preserved roses have quickly become a leading gifting option, and many people love the unique fusion of the romantic tradition of offering roses and these innovative preservation techniques. Using a 100% real rose, this beautiful process creates a floral masterpiece that will make a lasting impression.

Professional florists use flowers that maintain their natural beauty and radiance. Using a biological fresh-keeping technology, the Smiley Flower Rose can easily enchant your eyes for up to three years.

Its durability is great for marking a romantic dinner, an anniversary or any other important event. Preserving a flower this way keeps them for a longer period of time than if you left them in a vase or dry them.

The classic drying process requires dehydration of the bloom and stem of the flower, the outcome being a weak bouquet that lacks vibrant color and can be easily damaged. You can keep them in a safe unreachable place for several months, but an accidental bump or move can immediately result in a messy fall of petals.

On the other hand, preserving a rose using the fresh-keeping technology will offer you a gorgeous flower to be enjoyed for a much longer period of time. The vibrant colors of the petals will captivate your attention and their unique texture will impress any touch, together creating a luxurious piece of home décor.

The rose is beautifully embedded in a heavy-duty display case which is carefully padded with soft black velvet. The top of the case is designed in the shape of a gorgeous rose. Furthermore, the metal case is stored and shipped in a high-end gift box that you can safely close and offer to your lucky receiver on any occasion.

Offering flowers always generates happiness, a thoughtful intention never going unnoticed. They bring softness and tenderness in the heart of the person receiving it and they convey different emotions that are sometimes hard to express. No matter the occasion – or no occasion at all – surprising your beloved lady with a flower creates an enjoyable moment that will put a beautiful smile on her face.

Smiley Handmade Rose can help you preserve this pleasant moment in time, recalling these cherished memories each time your eyes set again on the carefully crafted flower case. You can keep your love fresh for many years to come, the preserved rose symbolizing an eternal love and fondness that will always pass the test of time.

Customers are excited about this exquisite and long-lasting gift and they guarantee that it holds up even after months. Regardless of the occasion or moment in time, they believe Smiley Handmade Preserved Rose is a fantastic present that will impress your loved one, with a flower that will maintain its shape, color and freshness for many years to come.

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