3 reasons why fireworks are making Chicagoans buy more CBD oil – for themselves and their pets

Many people love watching fireworks displays, particularly in the summer when the sun is out and everyone is having a good time.

But the same cannot be said for everyone. 

In Chicago, people are buying more CBD oil than ever, both for themselves and their pets, as a result of the many fireworks displays across the city.

Why is this the case?

And how can CBD help?

Read on to find out.


Independence Day

July 4 is marked on every US citizen’s calendar every year.

The national holiday gets people in Chicago and the rest of the country outside and watching shows of all shapes and sizes.

For many people, it’s a chance to get together with friends and celebrate being in the greatest country on Earth.

For others, it forces them to stay inside and stay away from the festivities.

The same goes for their pets. All the noise and explosions in the sky proves to be too much for them to handle.

Some owners don’t realize it though until it’s too late. If they’ve brought them along, the animals will just have to cope until it’s time to leave.

Of course, this is just one example.

There are certainly other days across the summer when fireworks, both authorized and unauthorized, light up the sky.

Summer is meant to be a time for relaxing.

Instead, some people see it as a time for unneeded stress and anxiety.

But there is one product that is helping such people to get through it and even enjoying the festivities.

The product in question is CBD oil and here’s how.

CBD Oil Relieves Stress

CBD oil has received a lot of attention from scientists and researchers in recent times.

There have been all sorts of studies and supporting evidence to suggest that it can help with a host of health conditions and problems, from treating skin conditions to chronic pain.

But one of the main uses of CBD oil is to relieve stress and anxiety.

And here’s why.

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system which naturally helps to regulate the body.

Now, when it comes under severe stress, the system can be compromised, leading to feelings of anxiety.

However, CBD is a cannabinoid that compliments our internal systems. It is said that it helps to restore the balance within the endocannabinoid system and boost our body’s production of endocannabinoids.

As a result, by acting on the endocannabinoid system, CBD relieves stress and anxiety.

There have been several studies that back up this theory.

Now, CBD oil is one of the most popular ways to consume CBD, mainly because it’s easy to use.

Due to its popularity, there are lots of brands claiming to sell the best CBD oils so research is key before settling on one.

That said, there are plenty of other methods to consume CBD available.

For example, anyone that gets stressed out while watching fireworks will benefit from CBD vaping. It’s the fastest way to feel the calming effects because the CBD is taken straight to the lungs for absorption into the bloodstream.

It only takes a few minutes, if that, to feel less stressed out, making it perfect for a quick fix while out and about.

CBD coffee is another way to take it. The coffee itself doesn’t contain CBD though. Instead, it’s just adding CBD oil into the coffee. 

There are a few new CBD products on the rise too, ranging from sandwiches to oral strips.

But no matter which method is chosen, they will all do the same job.

And best of all, it’s completely legal in Chicago. The 2018 Farm Bill made the production of industrialized hemp completely legal at the federal level so there’s no need to worry about getting into trouble for using it.

CBD For Pets

Pets shouldn’t have to suffer through the madness of July 4 and other fireworks set off throughout the summer.

The good news is that CBD also works with pets just as well as it does for people. 

Dogs and other animals also have an endocannabinoid system in their bodies, meaning that they can naturally tolerate, accept and benefit from CBD.

It works in the same way too, meaning that pets can use CBD to relieve their stress and anxiety.

Now, it’s important to note that there haven’t been as many studies on CBD for pets as there have been for people. It’s also not too clear if you can discuss your pets taking CBD with a vet right now. They could even lose their license to practice if they provide the wrong advice.

That said, they are fully capable of treating your pet after they’ve taken CBD if they’re showing any signs of discomfort.

My Own Experience With CBD

I have had issues with anxiety in the past. I tried all sorts of techniques to try and calm myself down from yoga and exercise to meditation.

They all worked really well for me, but it’s not like when I’m at work or I’m out and about I can just get down on the ground and become all zen.

And so I invested in some CBD for those situations where I couldn’t use my usual methods. I chose the capsules as they were more discreet and easy to take with a bottle of water.

Needless to say I’ve continued investing in CBD products ever since. At first I thought I was experiencing the placebo effect but when it kicked in, I noticed myself feeling a lot calmer in situations where I would usually feel stressed and uncomfortable.

It took me a few tries to find the perfect dosage for me. Now though, I just know that I always have something to fall back on if my anxiety becomes too much to handle.

I would certainly recommend anyone that does become stressed due to fireworks to get it a try this summer.

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