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We all have in our lives that special woman who deserves the world and each time her birthday approaches you look for the most special ways to impress her. But sometimes it’s a search that comes with a lot of challenges, especially when the recipient seems to have it all.

Valentine’s Day is an excellent occasion to simultaneously show her just how much you care while also speaking to one of her unique interests. At its foundation, February 14 is an opportunity to celebrate all kinds of love. So no matter if you decide to invite your wife to a romantic evening dinner or you are planning a cozy family meal with your mother, grandmother and sister, our list of best Valentine’s Day gifts for her is specially created to provide you great options with which to surprise your loved ones.

Lovestee Bath and Body Spa Gift Basket is on our carefully curated list of the best gifts, because it’s a  thoughtful and practical addition to any lady’s skin care routine. The gift basket comes with 7 full-size bathing products, all meant to provide your caring lady a spa-like experience that she will simply adore.

This Love of Rose luxurious spa set includes 5 fragrance favorites that will completely transform her bathing experience: 1 luxury shower gel 200ml, 1 exotic bubble bath 200ml, 1 sensual body lotion 50ml, 1 bath salt 3.5oz, 1 red bath puff and 1 soft heart shaped fizzer. All the products are carefully packed in a beautiful red gift box circled by a soft red ribbon and decorated with a rose shaped small card, where you can write a short message or the name of your receiver.

The main products are Love of Rose Bubble Bath and Shower Gel, two delicate items that will soothe and comfort her skin each time she decides to enjoy a relaxing bath. The Rose Bubble Bath leaves her skin feeling soft like a rose petal while offering it a radiant natural glow. Rich in emollient ingredients, it has the ideal Ph balance and is made from essential oils, plant extracts and important vitamins like A, D and E.

One of the best therapies applied in spas is relaxing salts, which are well known for revitalizing the senses while providing a much needed calming experience. The Love of Rose’s Bath Salt and Body Lotion can help her reduce stress and relax her muscles, while energizing her tired body. With so many healthy benefits, the salt will bring balance to her mood and will be a great aid in unwinding after a long tiring day.

A combination of Love of Rose Bath Salt and Body Lotion is also great for tired feet or dry hands. She can simply massage the salt on the affected areas while bathing and apply the soft lotion after drying. This method will soothe sore skin, remove dead skin and provide the necessary hydration.

The high quality Bath Fizzer and Bath Puff complete the soothing ritual, helping create an unforgettable moment. With a vivid red color, the Bath Puff will gently cleanse most skin types while its soft texture is specially designed for smooth beautiful skin. The puff works with any type of shower gel to create a rich lather and has a rope to hang for quick drying.

Marvelously designed in the shape of a heart, the Bath Fizzer will surely show your love to your beloved ones. Enriched with emollients and softeners, it will moisturize the bath water, helping soften the skin and reduce stress. No matter the skin type, the Bath Fizz cleanses while leaving it soft, supple and silky.

The Lovestee Bath and Body Spa Gift Basket can easily replace the benefits of a visit to the spa. With luxurious and high quality products, the set includes everything needed for a stress relief and calming experience at an affordable cost while enjoying the comforts of home.

Your loved one will simply adore the atmosphere of lavishness and peace. The warm water and the rich textures of Love of Rose products will soothe her senses and transform any simple bathtub into a real aromatherapy spa. Offer her this well deserved treat and she will be forever grateful.

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