Best Branding Agencies in Chicago This Year

You’re probably visiting this page because you’re a business owner or CEO looking to create a cohesive brand or recreate your current themes.


While you probably don’t need any more convincing to make this change, the statistics surrounding the importance of branding speak for themselves. In one white paper, it was found that personalizing your website by presenting cohesive and consistent branding across all platforms increases revenues by up to 23%.


A branding agency is made up of a team of creative business experts who know what it takes to create a branding strategy that will propel your business to the next level. They tend to offer services that fit into three different categories—visual branding, brand messaging, and corporate identity—so it’s important to know what you’re looking for beforehand. Knowing how important a cohesive brand is, however, many agencies will offer several different services in one package to make things as easy as possible for your business.


Even if you understand what a branding agency is, there are hundreds to choose from in Chicago, which can make narrowing down your choices difficult.


If you were to do it manually, this process could take weeks or even months that could be spent focusing on other parts of your business.


This is why we’ve curated this article full of the best branding agencies in Chicago from the last year. Instead of frantically searching the internet, take your time to read through the options and find the best branding agency in Chicago that fits your requirements.


Regardless of whether you are looking to create a visual brand, or want some help with understanding your brand’s message, there’s an option here for everyone. The ones we have provided work with a selection of different industries and business sizes, so you’re bound to find one that suits your company well.


1 Digital Authority Partners
Digital Authority Partners (DAP) is a digital strategy and product development agency that helps companies build digital products and experiences that make a difference. The company’s main industries are healthcare, financial technologies, and government.
Top Clients: Athenahealth, Omron, Dolbi, Fortinet, Kroger, Business Talent Group, American Heart Association.
Expertise: Digital strategy, user experience design, analytics, and development.
2 88 Brand Partners
Awarded the Davey Awards in 2016, 88 Brand Partners is a creative agency that focuses on deriving their strength from big ideas rather than big budgets. Working with companies of all sizes, they will provide a full creative service that elevates and expands your brand in the digital space.
Top Clients: Discover, W Hotels, Mayo Clinic.
Expertise: Advertising, branding, and broadcast video services.
3 L.C. Williams & Associates
What better way to ensure you’re not being controversial with your branding than to go with a company that also specializes in public relations? L.C. Williams & Associates is a mid-sized company whose team of experienced, invested and created individuals provides the same personalized results you’d expect from a much smaller firm.
Top Clients: Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Dyspraxia Foundation USA, Abbot Laboratories, Alzheimer’s Association
Expertise: Public Relations, Branding
4 ColorJar
ColorJar is one of the best design companies in Chicago, offering branding that drives real results and enhances the audience’s experience. They’re known for revitalizing mid-market brands when it’s most needed to push businesses above their competition across several different industries.
Top Clients: Blue Plate, Discovery Channel, Funny or Die, ParkWhiz, Sandbox Industries, Navy Pier
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity
5 Cultivate
If you’re looking for a mobile app development company that works exclusively with B2B companies, Cultivate is the perfect choice. This award-winning B2B service provider knows what to do to propel you into the digital world and overcome your competitors.
Top Clients: The Chicago International Film Festival, The Boxcar Children, Fenwick High School, Truant Brewing
Expertise: Branding Strategy, Mobile App Development
6 Paragraphs LLC
Paragraphs LLC is one of few award-winning graphic design companies in Chicago that specialize in helping struggling enterprise businesses with their identity crisis. Whether your online and in-person branding is completely different, or you’re just looking for something more cohesive all round, this agency can help.
Top Clients: Baxter Healthcare, Exelon Corporation, IBM Watson, Hyatt, Coca-Cola FEMSA
Expertise: Branding, Graphic Design
7 Digital Kitchen
Digital Kitchen is a company that takes a unique approach to web design by incorporating rich brand storytelling and experiential design. They also often incorporate film and video into their web design, which has scored them collaborations with some of the biggest US networks including HBO and AMC.
Top Clients: Alta Forest Products, AMC, Deschutes Brewery, HBO, Microsoft
Expertise: Web Design
8 Multiple Inc.
Multiple Inc. is focused on creating branding that clearly defines your business’ purpose and reinforces the positive relationships clients have established with you. This is done largely through their partnership team, which sits down with you to research and visualize your new branding.
Top Clients: Rotary International, Columbia College Chicago, Constellation Brands, Adello Biologics, DePaul University
Expertise: Brand Message, Brand Identity, Corporate Identity
9 Kivvit
Kivvit is a branding agency that opened its original headquarters in Chicago in 2002, and has since expanded to four other US locations. Their reach and expertise allows them to share their creativity and experience with clients in many locations, and the agency services a variety of industries and businesses of all sizes.
Top Clients: Volta Energy Technologies, Reach NJ, Google, My Ballot Initiative, University of Chicago Medicine
Expertise: Public Relations, Branding
10 Mabbly
Since launching in 2013, Mabbly has designed marketing strategies for hundreds of startups and corporations. And with 28-year-old Vlad Moldavskiy as a Chief Growth Officer, the agency’s youthful team is a selling point for brands looking to expand their online exposure. Mabbly’s strategists, data scientists, PhDs, and developers help companies with everything from brand identity to social media, website design and development, and even online reputation.
Top clients: Northwestern University, Microsoft, Limitless Coffee & Tea, SPR.
Expertise: Brand identity, UX/Design, and development, search engine marketing, digital advertising, public relations, video production.
11 BatesMeron Sweet Design
BatesMeron Sweet Design is a full-service creative agency that specifically focuses on branding and marketing strategies. Keen to bridge the gap between digital strategy, creativity and idea execution, its competitive team of experts goes above and beyond what’s necessary to provide clients with outstanding results.
Top Clients: Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Chicago Flower and Garden Show, Hula Berry, Trading Technologies, Kitchfix
Expertise: Branding, Direct Marketing
12 ArtVersion
ArtVersion is a team of creative strategists and visual storytellers who have supported both Fortune 500 companies and notable start-ups for their web design needs.
Top Clients: Volvo, Mack Trucks, TransUnion, Federal Reserve Bank, Rush University, Shell
Expertise: UX Web Design, Branding
13 Conjure
Conjure is one of the very few graphic design companies in Chicago that specializes in providing expert branding for businesses. With a company ethos that believes designs can truly make a brand, they’ve employed the most experienced team to propel every client to the next level.
Top Clients: Sounhaus, Protein Bar, DURAVANT, Limitless Coffee & Tea, Blackwood BBQ
Expertise: Branding, Graphic Design
14 Soulsight
As its name suggests, Soulsight is a branding agency that focuses on finding your business’ soul and using this to refocus your branding efforts. Through extensive research and relationship-building with your business’ leaders, they create strategic designs that emotionally connect your customers to you.
Top Clients: Blue Moon, Gold Peak Tea, Miller Lite, Campbells, Taco Bell
Expertise: Branding, Digital Strategy
15 Otherwise
Otherwise is a smaller, boutique branding agency that works almost exclusively with small and mid-market real estate companies to bring their branding to life. Working with smaller organizations allows them to help newcomers to branding and identification issues understand the impact branding can make on their businesses.
Top Clients: Three Sixty West, Sailrock South Caicos, Chicago Humanity Festival, Cornerstones Health
Expertise: Branding, Advertising, Market Research
16 Brandtrust
Brandtrust is a branding agency that works with businesses of all different sizes to create designs that help you unlock the needs and desires of your ideal customer. They work from methodologies rooted in applied social and behavioral science to teach you about your audience from the data insights you provide.
Top Clients: Cadillac, Intel, KitchenAid, Jack Daniels, The Hartford
Expertise: Branding, Market Research
17 Someoddpilot
Someoddpilot is an award-winning creative agency that embraces a business’ culture and that of their consumers, using both elements to create branding strategies that work. They offer a very personalized and collaborative service, sitting down with your business to really understand its story and the industry you are part of.
Top Clients: CAT Footwear, Saucony, The Second City, Sperry, Merrell, Budweiser
Expertise: Corporate Identity, Brand Messaging, Brand Strategy
18 a5 Branding and Digital
If you’re a brand looking for a no-nonsense website design from people who can deliver it clearly and concisely, the team at a5 Branding and Digital is your best shot. Their expertise starts from local organizations and extends out to engineering firms, fintech services, healthcare and non-profits that are located in Chicago and throughout the country.
Top Clients: Chicago’s Children’s Museum, Chicago Park District, Visit Oak Park, Field Museum
Expertise: Branding, Web Design
19 Pivot Design
Having been in business creating brand experiences that inspire people for more than 25 years, Pivot Design is the perfect option for established organizations. They have a combined team of over 40 creative and knowledgeable branding professionals working across their three offices, providing your business with expertise from around the US.
Top Clients: American Library Association, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Northwestern University, Microsoft, Institute of Chicago
Expertise: Corporate Identity, Brand Messaging
20 Simple Truth
Simple Truth is committed to working with you to discover the ideas at the core of your business. They believe that this is key to creating an authentic, comprehensive branding and best identifies how you stand out from competitors.
Top Clients: Adtalem, Allstate, AvalonBay Communities, BrightStar Care, World Business Chicago
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Brand Messaging
21 JB Chicago
JB Chicago is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes create cohesive brands that succeed by asking help you discover what’s truly unique about your business. Together, you and JB Chicago’s creative team create a framework, which helps you discover the fundamental truths about your brand and helps you shape your business and branding efforts.
Top Clients: DISH Network, GoodBelly, Hooray Puree, Monk Fruit, Kapow Events, TripleCare
Expertise: Branding, Advertising
22 March Media Chicago
For small businesses looking to create brands that make a statement, March Media Chicago is the perfect match. They work with businesses facing challenging times or uncertain developments in their industries to create new and unique solutions to fix common problems experienced by small market holders in particular.
Top Clients: Sumi Robata Bar, Personalized Communications, Slim’s Chicago, Four Seasons Japanese Restaurant
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity
23 Killian Branding
Killian Branding is one of the most established branding agencies in Chicago, which has allowed their team to gain vast experience across many different industries. Their main goals when working with clients are to use branding as a tool for visibility, to differentiate you from your competitors, and to make you a genuine competitor no matter your size.
Top Clients: Shelter Inc, Sterno Delivery, Formula Fresh, Purition, Family Credit Management
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Brand Naming
24 C2 Creative
C2 Creative is a branding agency looking for uncommon and courageous clients who aren’t afraid to help craft strategies and design meaningful brand experiences. The team behind it is just as daring and consists of problem solvers that come up with brand-based ideas through highly efficient partnership working teams.
Top Clients: HERE Technologies, DaVita, Chowly, Motorola, Pogue Construction
Expertise: Marketing Strategy, Branding
25 Concentric Design
Concentric might be a small firm, but they are considered one of the best design companies in Chicago. Specializing in visual identity, corporate identity, and brand strategy, their small team is an advantage as it allows them to create deeper relationships and a more thorough understanding of your business.
Top Clients: Hertz, United Airlines, Teach For America, The University of Chicago, Taskfully
Expertise: Corporate Identity, Brand Strategy
26 Bandwidth Marketing Group
Bandwidth Marketing Group is as much a creative consultancy business as an agency, and always looking for the client who wants what they have to offer: aggressive, thoughtful marketing and branding strategies.
Top Clients: VillageMD, Guaranteed Rate, Abbvie, WRS, Incingo, Illinois Technology Association, Grubhub
Expertise: Brand Messaging
27 Strike 2
Strike 2 is an agency that believes reinventing the way businesses work and collaborate is key to success, especially when it comes to branding. They start all relationships by sitting down to work through with you your business goals and visions for the future, and use these to guide the branding process.
Top Clients: Brightfield Group, Batesian, Bozii, Sprint Social Champion
Expertise: Advertising, Branding
28 Gertrude Inc.
Gertrude Inc. is a global development company based in Chicago that collaborates with businesses to create purpose-driven branding outcomes. They do this by gaining a deeper understanding of your business’ stories and how it is seen in the eyes of your clients, which is a critical part of the branding process.
Top Clients: Ocean Spray, Ketel One Vodka, Pepsi, Diageo, Red Bull
Expertise: Branding
29 Legacy Marketing
Legacy Marketing is a branding agency that has been around for almost two decades, and is constantly reinventing and developing its team of experienced branding experts. This has led them to work with some of the largest companies in the United States—and globally—to bring those businesses to life through innovative branding strategies.
Top Clients: TGI Fridays, Manchester City US Tour, USG, Wilson, Jameson
Expertise: Branding
30 The Getty’s Group
The Getty’s Group is an award-winning branding firm largely regarded as the leader for hospitality-based branding. Mostly working with high-end hotels, including several in Chicago, they use a collaborative approach that is infused with creativity to bring the best stories out of their clients.
Top Clients: The Edwin Hotel, Reikart House, The Blackstone Hotel, The Thompson Hotel
Expertise: Hotel Branding
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