Best Chicago Mobile App Development Companies This Year

Best Chicago Mobile App Development Companies If you’re visiting this webpage, chances are you’re the CEO of a business looking for mobile app development companies in Chicago.

We’re sure you don’t need any more convincing on the importance of investing in a professional during the mobile app development stages. With statistics revealing there are over 2.47 million apps on the Google play store and 1.8 million on the App Store, you have little chance of success without them.

A mobile app development company usually consists of several team members who will sit down with a client to listen to the client’s needs, share their expertise, and create a product that works for the client and that they can be proud of. In particular, this includes using innovative technology to create apps that are functional, that always keep user experience in mind, and that are flexible enough to remain competitive in the ever-changing landscape of mobile applications.

With hundreds of relevant companies in Chicago, however, finding the right one for you is a process that can take weeks if not months to get right.

This article will help you navigate the many companies populating the mobile app industry in Chicago. Instead of frantically searching several websites on the internet and choosing a less than ideal company, you’ll find the best options available to you in just a few minutes of reading through our list.

With award-winning companies covering many different industries, it’s impossible for you to leave this article without at least one app development company, regardless of your varied requirements.


Digital Authority Partners 

Digital Authority Partners 

222 Merchandise Mart Plaza #1212, Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: 312-600-5433

Founded: 2015

CEO: Codrin Arsene

Top Clients: Athenahealth, Omron, Dolbi, Fortinet, Kroger, Business Talent Group, American Heart Association.

Expertise: Mobile App Development, UX Interface Designs

Digital Authority Partners is a digital development agency with an impressive portfolio, despite launching only a few years ago.

DAP has contracts with some impressive Fortune 500 businesses and next-generation start-ups, and does the work to handle all their clients’ digital needs.

Their team specializes in many different industries, but the majority of their knowledge lies in healthcare, fintech, and government industry.

Creating sleek, usable designs that have your customer’s needs at the center, they’re the perfect mobile app development company for any professional digital needs.

Visit Digital Authority Partners Website


Punch Kick 

Punch Kick 

150 N Michigan Avenue Floor 39, Chicago, IL 60601

Phone: 800 549-4104

Founded: 2006

CEO: Zak Dabbas

Top Clients: Harley-Davidson, Allstate, Microsoft, Marriott

Expertise: Mobile Creativity, App Development

Established in 2006, Punch Kick is one of the frontrunners in Chicago’s mobile app development industry.

They are best known for turning a knowledge-based industry on its head by employing creatives who can bring a vision to life by working closely with the brands that commission them.

But Punch Kick’s creativity aligns with their teams’ knowledge in the tech field, with specialists at the ready to take on your challenge, no matter how big or small the task may be.

Visit Punch Kick’s Website


Table XI 

Table XI 

328 S Jefferson St #670, Chicago, IL 60661

Phone: 312-450-6320

Founded: 2002

CEO: Mark Rickmeier

Top Clients: Tyson Foods, Rice University, Dickson, AccuWeather

Expertise: User Experience Designs, Mobile App Development,

Table XI is a well-known Chicago-based mobile app development company who’ve gained a reputation for their collaborative way of working.

Viewing your business success as their own, they create innovative solutions that will blow your competitors out of the water.

Their collaborative strategies enable them to create solutions that enhance performance and reduce down-time, allowing your staff to become confident with troubleshooting minor app-related issues themselves.

Visit Table XI’s Website


Dom & Tom 

Dom & Tom 625 N Michigan Ave Suite 1800, Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 773-377-5585

Founded: 2009

CEO: Dominic Tancredi

Top Clients: Hearst Communications, Turner Broadcasting, Coca-Cola, The Children’s Place, Bloomberg L.P.

Expertise: iPhone and Android Mobile Development, Emerging Technologies

Originally created to fill a gap in the market and develop apps for the up-and-coming iPhone in 2009, Dom & Tom is a twin-run business that has seen significant growth in the last decade.

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With offices and teams in two major US cities, they have supported businesses of all sizes, from net generation start-ups to Fortune 500 companies looking for a new way to accommodate their audience.

In that time, they have created over 120 native mobile applications that have brought brand visions to life.

Visit Dom & Tom’s Website



SIMpalm1136 S Delano Ct B201, Chicago, IL 60605

Phone: 312-544-0089

Founded: 2009

CEO: Piyush Jain

Top Clients: Taptin, Forte Payment System, Mazy App, Audio Chef

Expertise:  Native App Development, Hybrid App Development

SIMpalm is a mobile app development company in Chicago that was set up by a group of young, business tech experts who were excited about the future of mobile technologies.

In the last decade, this excitement has turned into significant success, with their business having become one of the leaders in the world of innovative mobile application development.

Their outstanding work has been recognized nationally with awards including Top App Developers from Clutch, GoodFirms, and Softwareworld.

Visit SIMPalm’s Website


Red Foundry 

Red Foundry 500 W. Huron, Unit 803, Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: 888-406-1099

Founded: 2009

CEO: Jim Heising

Top Clients: Random House, Reader’s Digest, Central Insurance, Panasonic, Kodak

Expertise: iOS and Android Mobile Design and Development

Red Foundry started with a group of developers who gained success after creating iPhone apps in their free time.

Since then, it has evolved into a complex team of experienced mobile app developers and engineers who have all the technology and acumen they need to create apps at a significantly lower cost than many competitors.

Dedicated to creating intuitive and unique apps that become viral sensations for their clients’ businesses, this company is the one to go with if you’re looking to build hype around your business, regardless of its size.

Visit Red Foundry’s Website


Eight Bit Studios 

Eight Bit Studios 350 W Erie St, #300, Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: 312-281-8823

Founded: 2008

CEO: John Ostler

Top Clients: Echo Global Logistics, UL, New Balance, Trident, Hasbro

Expertise: Mobile App Development, UX Interface Designs

Eight Bit Studios is a company that combines knowledge with expertise, and whose  energetic technology experts put their passion into every project they work with.

Working with clients as small as self-funded start-ups to successful billion-dollar enterprises, they have the experience necessary to help make your business a success.

Their dedication to creating memorable client experiences means you will be satisfied with your product every time and have won UpCity’s Top Mobile App Developer award.

Visit Eight Bit Studios’ Website



Magora153 W Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: 650-539-9797

Founded: 2010

CEO: Vladimir Potapenko

Top Clients: ShowApp, InnovaCare, BrandSkout, Danone, Jurni, Toyota

Expertise: Mobile App Development, UX Interface Designs

With 150 team members spread across their three worldwide branch offices, the developers at Magora know that no mobile app development project is too big or too small.

With experts in every field, they will ensure that your project and your company’s needs go to a true specialist in your field, who can develop your app efficiently and effectively, giving you the best chances of success.

There are also no limits on the type of customer you are—from B2B to B2C, they have people who can help you bring any app to life.

Visit Magora’s Website



ORA 400 N Peoria St, Chicago, IL 60642

Phone: 312-600-6023

Founded: 2009

CEO: Mike Kelly

Top Clients: Subway, National Safety Council, Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Indiana University

Expertise: iOS and Android Mobile App Development

For a company that can handle custom software and the most innovative, high-quality technology, look no further than ORA.

Their team members were handpicked not only for their extensive knowledge of mobile app development, but also for their passion and the inspiration that goes into all their products.

It’s these qualities that have allowed them to become leaders in the world of iOS and Android app development, and enabled them to create over 250 apps for successful businesses in less than a decade.

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Visit Ora’s Website




11 East Hubbard Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 312-663-8142

Founded: 2009

CEO: Keval Baxi

Top Clients: Pepsi, United Airlines, Indicard, Feeding America, FirmHero

Expertise: Mobile App Development, UX Design

Codal is a mobile app development company that has worked with a range of different businesses, from small businesses to major enterprises, in the last decade.

Their top clients have been some of the most successful businesses in the world, but their small clients receive the same dedicated, experienced guidance throughout the process–because Codal knows that every project is vital to its client.

The company’s ethos is to provide a mobile app that empowers brand visibility and allows you to deliver the most elegant solutions to your customer base as possible.

Visit Codal’s Website



Ethervision 401 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 312-870-0080

Founded: 2008

CEO:  Brian Thompson

Top Clients: AON, Pacific Life, Chicago Tribune, Whirlpool, Maurice Sporting Goods

Expertise: Native App Development

Ethervision is a mobile app development boutique in the heart of Chicago that has seen  success from the very beginning, including being the developers behind three of the first fifty apps to launch on Apple’s app store.

Since then, over 185 apps they have created have been featured on the likes of Apple’s iTunes App Store and in associated retail stores around the world.

This company’s client base focuses on larger companies, making it great for mobile applications for established companies who want a development company who know how to make their app viral.

Visit Ethervision’s Website




661 West Lake Street Suite 3NE, Chicago, IL 60661

Phone: 877-885-8846

Founded: 2008

CEO: Marian Phelan

Top Clients: Adecco, Vanderbilt University, Ericsson, ATP Flight School

Expertise: Mobile App Development, User Experience Designs

Hashrocket is a unique mobile app development company that rose to fame when the New York Times revealed its practice of exclusively working in pairs.

This complex-sounding but efficient regimen enables them to meet the demands of high-profile clients with intricate application needs. With the intense focus their developers bring to your project, your business app can easily be produced for two different app markets at the same time.

This lead to fewer teething problems when you’re ready to launch and ensures the highest quality product is delivered into the hands of every client.

Visit Hackrocket’s Website



TangoCode1143 W Rundell Pl, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60607 

Phone: 312-546-7225

Founded: 2015

CEO: Dane Drotts

Top Clients: Google, Barnes & Noble, PLS, The Steadman Clinic

Expertise: Custom Software, Mobile App Development

If you’re looking for a mobile app development company that matches your feminist values or has an eye for diverse minds, TangoCode is it.

The entire company was created by women and has grown into a strong workforce of software designers, QAs, and solution owners to create a mobile application you can be proud of.

They do this by utilizing the latest technologies, specifically machine learning and AI, to reap maximum rewards and longevity for all their clients.

With future innovation behind every design, this is the company to choose if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd.

Visit TangoCode’s Website


Proof Works

Proof Works

444 North Wells, Suite 205, Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: 872-225-2799

Founded: 2015

CEO: Andy Mark

Top Clients: Hilton, Mitsubishi, BBVA Bank, Spikeball, IMI Agency

Expertise: Mobile App Design and Development

Proof Works is a passionate team of product strategists, designers, and engineers who work collaboratively to deliver results for the most innovative of businesses.

Best for larger businesses, they understand how to handle different demands at once, making them perfect for mobile applications where there’s a wide variety of client and user needs.

They pay special attention to user behavior too, ensuring that they’re the perfect company to continue making improvements after the initial launch.

Visit Proofworks’ Website



KitelyTech1165 N. Clark St., 7th Floor, Chicago, IL 60610

Phone: 312-579-0867

Founded: 2009

CEO: Jason White

Top Clients: Philips, Periscope, Pearson Education, Rolls-Royce, AngloAmerican

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Expertise:  Mobile App Development

Located in downtown Chicago, KitelyTech combines cultural talent with energetic developers and testers who’re ready to get down to business and produce high-quality products every time.

Using data and user analytics, they approach projects by getting to know your business on a deeper level so that they can deliver an app that will be genuinely beneficial to your users.

With their high quality and timely deliverables, you’ll never face delays in receiving the final draft of your app before crucial launch dates.

Visit KitelyTech’s Website



doejo222 W Ontario, Suite 501, Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: 312-888-6497 b

Founded: 2007

CEO: Boris Udachin

Top Clients: Fortune 2009, Player’s Health, Shoplocal, Chicago Electric Boat Company

Expertise: Digital Solutions, Mobile Design and Development

Established in 2007, Devvela’s team of over 30 people across two continents has maintained a strong focus towards cutting edge technology to produce outstanding results.

This has allowed them to support start-ups when technical skills are limited, and help established businesses transform into digital enterprises with user-focused experiences fit for the 21st century.

Throughout the process, the company will be with you to provide prototypes and improvements where necessary, making you feel like part of the collaboration from the very beginning.

Visit Devvela’s Website




29 N. Upper Wacker Dr. Fourth Floor, Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: 312-920-8383

Founded: 2007

CEO: Ross Freedman

Top Clients: Macy’s, Rue La La, Intuit, B&H Photo,

Expertise: Mobile App Development

Rightpoint is one of the larger mobile app development companies in the Chicago area, with over 500 employees across their 10 offices.

They use their deep bench of talent to your advantage, providing outstanding results with user experience and technology at its core.

By embracing the latest technologies, they ensure the longevity of any application, which has helped them secure work with over 250 Fortune 1000 companies.

Visit Rightpoint’s Website


Vault Innovation 

Vault Innovation 20 N. Upper Wacker, Suite 1200, Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: 773-573-8069

Founded: 2012

CEO: Jeffrey Dirrenberger

Top Clients: GamerzArena, Gig Scout, Chicago Tribune, TestMe DNA

Expertise: Software Creation, Mobile App Development

Vault Innovation is a mobile app development company that knows how to help  complete digital newbies, building high-impact software that propels any business into success.

To do this, they do the hard work for you, intensely analyzing your competition to give you clear advice and implementation of the latest technologies.

Do you need to refresh your digital footprint and create a more user-focused experience for their clients? Vault Innovation can pay special focus on ensuring a consistent vision and purpose behind your company’s digital products.

Visit Vault Innovation’s Website




12000 W Lake St., Suite 100, Chicago, 60607

Phone: 312-945-6222

Founded: 2011

CEO: Alan Hughes

Top Clients: Intel, Under Armour, McDonald’s, NBS, Mazda

Expertise: Creative User Experiences, Mobile App Development

NEXT/NOW is a mobile app development company with a difference. Comprising a team that specializes in creative technologies like 3D animation, virtual and augmented reality, and face recognition, they will bring your app to life in a unique manner.

They work with some of the largest companies in the world, but also pay close attention to the needs of start-ups in competitive industries who want to take a unique approach to customer acquisition.

Having a number of awards in the design and IT fields, they are the best of both worlds when it comes to app development.

Visit NEXT/NOW’s Website




2035 W. Wabansia Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Phone: 773-492-0209

Founded: 2010

CEO: JC Grubbs

Top Clients: Groupon, Madison Square Garden, The University of Chicago, Motorola

Expertise: Digital Strategy, Custom Software, App Development

Tandem is a mobile app development company in Chicago that has an enthusiastic team of researchers, engineers, and designers ready to take your business to the next level.

Their high levels of knowledge are mixed with a pure passion for the industry, enabling them to approach your project with a unique perspective and deliver outstanding results every time.

In particular, Tandem focuses on creating human-centered designs that will engage your customers, and customized software development and other personalized features to create an app that is a breakthrough in your industry.

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Visit Tandem’s Website



Alligatortek 200 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: 312-509-4000

Founded: 1993

CEO: Sid Bala

Top Clients: US Foods Chicago, Zoological, Wrigley, The Doan Group

Expertise: Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development

Alligatortek has earned its place as one of the best mobile development apps in Chicago but not only because they are one of the oldest app developers in the city.

With a team that has more combined years of experience than any other company, they are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a great job and don’t have a particular budget in mind.

They know from history that they must continually learn and innovate to create apps for the 21st-century market and that knowledge and practice have helped twice garner them the Chicago Innovation Awards.

Visit Alligatortek’s Website


2Base Technologies 

2Base Technologies 345 W Fullerton Parkway, Suite 1205, Chicago, IL 60614

Phone: 847-848-5501

Founded: 2010

CEO: Nidhin Baby

Top Clients: United Nations, Emirates, PirateFM, StarRadio,

Expertise: Internet of Things (IoT) Technology, Mobile App Development

2Base Technologies is an international digital transformation company with headquarters in Chicago and India.

They connect with team members from around the world who have deep levels of expertise and breadth of experience to create apps for users who need global appeal and global use.

When it comes to mobile app development, they work with clients to bring their creative ideas to life and blend them with the latest technology, keeping them involved at every step in the process.

Visit 2Base Technologies’ Website


LaunchPad Lab 

LaunchPad Lab 220 W Huron St, Chicago, IL 60657

Phone: 312-767-2211

Founded: 2012

CEO: Ryan Francis

Top Clients: Whirlpool, MD Anderson Hospital, Chesapeake Energy, Chicago Line Cruises

Expertise: Mobile App Development, User Experience Designs

LaunchPad Lab’s specialty largely lies in web development, but they have branched out and now provide mobile app development services to clients both large and small.

Their previous web development experience lends itself well here, as it enables them to create applications people are drawn to that align with the business’ branding.

In addition to these skills, they also utilize innovative solutions that will always align with your business goals, enhancing the creative solutions they develop for your business needs.

Visit LaunchPad Lab’s Website


Born Techies Solutions

Born Techies Solutions931 N Wells, Suite 205, Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: 484-443-1931

Founded: 2011

CEO: Jaydeep Patel

Top Clients: Trailheads, Grand Western Steaks, Noissue, Missy Empire

Expertise: eCommerce Store Mobile App Development

If you’re an eCommerce business in the Chicago area looking for a business that can efficiently and effectively move your site into the mobile world, look no further than Born Techies Solutions.

With eight years of experience in the field, they know everything a good eCommerce store app needs to entice clients and keep them engaged.

With another team located in India, they can provide a customer-focused international perspective, to ensure that your eCommerce app works for you wherever someone opens it up.

Visit Born Techies Solutions’ Website


Lakeview Labs

Lakeview Labs222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1871, Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: 312-453-7752

Founded: 2014

CEO: Patrick O’Brien

Top Clients: Techstars, Mercado Libre, Groupon, Allstate

Expertise: Mobile and Web App Development

Lakeview Lab specifically focuses its attention on mobile app development, making it the perfect option if you’re looking for someone with expertise and passion in your field.

Having worked with high-growth start-ups and expansive, successful companies, they are used to dealing with intense, client-focused demands while also keeping to a reasonable budget.

One of their biggest achievements to date has been building the most profitable app in the app store for education, and they have also had featured apps at the top of the list in several different categories.

Visit Lakeview Labs’ Website





444 N Wabash Street, Chicago, IL 60611

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Phone: 312-888-6473

Founded: 2008

CEO: Philip Tadros

Top Clients: Pandora, Wilson, Groupon, Los Angeles Football Club

Expertise: Mobile App Development

Doejo is a collaborative mobile app development company that invests the most precious of commodities — time — into its partnerships with its clients, growing long-lasting partnerships and first-class outcomes every time.

By combining the creative nature of their clients with their own teams technical ease and  expertise, they create a collaborative and creative partnership with you that will help your business succeed in its market for years to come.

Appealing to clients large and small, their partnership methodology has helped to launch hundreds of apps that work for the clients they serve.

Visit Doejo’s Website


Bright Bright Great 

Bright Bright Great 4131 W Belmont Avenue, Suite D, Chicago, IL60641

Phone: 773-647-1034

Founded: 2007

CEO: Jason Schwartz

Top Clients: Nike, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Crayola, McDonald’s

Expertise: Digital Strategy, Mobile App Development

If you commission Bright Bright Great to work on your project, you’ll receive a unique insight into a service-based business that looks at your mobile app as a mission instead of an individual digital product.

With a team of digital innovators who have all the latest technology at their fingertips, they’ll utilize whatever works best for your app and the message you want to convey.

After over a decade in the business, this company focuses on working with clients who want to explore, refine or develop their apps in a way that most other companies don’t.

Visit Bright Bright Great’s Website




220 N Green St, Suite 2011, Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: 773-305-0885

Founded: 2005

CEO: Igor Fedulov

Top Clients: Mitsubishi, Neustar, Video Medicine, Northern Trust

Expertise: IoT Technologies, Mobile App Development

Intersog is a mobile app development company with a focus on developing complex software that will outlast your competitors.

In addition to helping businesses push forward into revolutionizing how they use technology, they also help existing mobile app owners to provide them with updated software that enables them to stay abreast of the latest, most innovative technology solutions.

With twelve years in the field, they know how to get you the highest ROI on your mobile app with the lowest expenditure, so this is the company to go with if you’re looking for value for money.

Visit Intersog’s Website



Vokal 350 N Orleans St, Suite 1350, Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: 312-527-4719

Founded: 2009

CEO: Reid Lappin

Top Clients: Whole Foods, Bosch, Groupon, Walgreens

Expertise: Mobile App Development

Vokal is a mobile app development company that focus the majority of their efforts on companies that have had little exposure to the digital world before approaching them.

Even if you aren’t technologically minded, they can work from ideas sketched on napkins to develop a creative and technologically advanced app that will engage your customers and outperform your competitors.

They also recognize your app is different from everyone else’s, and so should be your digital strategy. They’ll be there every step of the way to provide support and technology assistance.

Visit Vokal’s Website



Cultivate917 W 18th Street, Fifth Floor, Chicago, IL 60608

Phone: 708-772-1697

Founded: 2005

CEO: Adam Siegel

Top Clients: The Chicago International Film Festival, The Boxcar Children, Fenwick High School, Truant Brewing

Expertise: Branding Strategy, Mobile App Development

If you’re looking for a mobile app development company that works exclusively with B2B companies, Cultivate is the perfect choice.

This award-winning B2B service provider knows what to do to propel you into the digital world and overcome your competitors.

In particular, they do this by going above and beyond what is necessary, keeping up with deadlines to ensure you don’t fall behind.

While they work with businesses from most industries, the majority of their work so far has been with local non-profit organizations and start-up companies.

Visit Cultivate’s Website


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